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The Most Important Step

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2006 5:42 pm    Post subject: The Most Important Step Reply with quote

The most important step is to gather as many people as possible to help complete drafting the NPS which is, in essence, a People's Constitution in the sense that is drafted by the ordinary people in contrast to the existing constitutions drafted by the elites for elites. A person's involvement could be for a part of it at a certain time, if continuous involvement is not possible.

Every Article in the NPS should be thoroughly scrutinized and it either stands or falls solely on the strength of its own merit. The best approach in the drafting process is to propose precisely what the participant honestly believes are the necessary amendments or additions to the articles. Otherwise, just send in the comments or suggestions in messages and the co-ordinator would do the necessary amendments or additions in the Draft when they are agreed on. The phpBB has many advantages for this purpose.

So the drafting process itself is a way of spreading the concepts of the NPS, and a community or an organisation could adapt any of them at any time with the necessary adjustments to cater for any special need or local circumstances. The NPS is afterall a powerful organisational concept for any sufficiently large community of people.

Similarly, at the national level, the NPS could be adopted wholesale or piecemeal, according to the existing circumstances of the country concerned. For example, the basic concept of the Council of Veterans ( could be easily adapted into any open and progressive community while the Presidency as proposed are likely to be resisted by countries which have a long tradition of the separation of legislative and excutive powers.

A political party would be an efficient way to propose and implement the NPS for a country, wholesale or by piecemeal as required by the circumstances of the country or the two processes could even proceed simultaneously provided the political party itself is run on the NPS to be true to the cause and to be credible. It is to be noted here when the NPS is fully implemented, the political party itself would become obsolete.

The election of people favourable to the changes to any existing organisation such as a political party or to the public office is also an excellent way to have the NPS adopted and implemented.

The final adoption of the NPS by a country only happens when at least 50% +1 of the total eligible voters voted freely in a referendum or citizens' initiative for the NPS Constitution even if many of the NPS components are already in operation. This formal acceptance by the people is to confirm the NPS Constitution as the Will of the People and the establishment of true democracy. This would be a clear departure from the elitist practice of thrashing down an elitist constitution down the throat of the people often by deception camouflaged by a false or legal majoity. 50% + 1 is the minimum threshold for a true majority. Anything less than that is, in fact, a false majority although it may be legally recognized by the elitist laws or constitution as a sufficient majority.
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